POLO Cards

POLO Cards

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Polo cards purchasing:

Prepaid Points cards can be purchased from the company's website and packaged with points.

You can donate or use this card directly from Polo Frenzy instead of using the money.

Types of cards:

-Hala Card.

-Polo Card Thanks.

Polo Thanks Card Features:

Only when you buy a Polo Card Thanks, for the value of 5000 you get three cards Hala gift.

The card can be fed at any financial value after the balance is depleted.

The purchase can be completed through the mobile application of Polo Frenzy.

In the case of online purchase, delivery is free of charge. 

You can use it in all branches of Polo Frenzy and also Frenzy cafe, It can be used for online purchase through the Polo Frenzy website.

Contains 20% extra value.

Hala Card Features: 
The financial value allows to buy from the brand and sufficient Granted free of charge to the owners of the Polo Card Thanks For all permanent customers.

The points are aggregated with every purchase from Polo Frenzy The points turn into a financial value.


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